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Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages
Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages

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About the author, historical novelist Robert Stephen Parry

I believe stories are a great way to help people discover and understand history. And if the narrative can be entertaining at the same time, even better.

Authentic and vivid historical settings combine with unusual elements of mystery, romance and ‘magical realism.’

“Parry is a word smith. His ability to extract his own perceptions of the past and present them in a novel in fantastical manner … is ingenious.”

Claudia Robinson

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I can usually be reached through my Facebook Page or on Goodreads where I am happy to discuss any aspect of my work.

I don’t review books (or only very rarely) but I enjoy contributing to guest articles or working with bloggers or journalists online. My email is robertstephenparry at gmail dot com.

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My official amazon author page can be found here, where all my titles are available in paperback and Kindle

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A quick word about me - I am a UK writer of British historical fiction, with interests in a wide range of time periods, from Tudor & Elizabethan, through 18th-century Georgian, right up to the era of Victorian England and the Belle Époque. I have been writing stories for many years but my first novel was not released until 2009. Since then, five more have followed in fairly quick succession, my latest being 'The Testament of Sophie Dawes,' a neo-Victorian novel which came out in March of last year.

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Meanwhile, just for fun, here is a handy guide to what’s in (and what’s not in) each of my novels

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I have a blog where I occasionally post articles and observations on the arts and gardening or whatever else takes my fancy

Writer of Tudor, Georgian and Victorian-themed novels

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