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Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages
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The late-Victorian and Edwardian periods, sometimes known collectively as the Belle Époque (‘the beautiful era’), was a period of rapid technological progress and relative peace in Europe coinciding with the wonderful, sinuous art nouveau styles in fashion and design and a revival of Gothic sentiments in literature and art. A strong thread of romance and emotional intensity runs through all of these years, but also a certain anxiety and sense of foreboding.

Victorian Belle Époque - Stories of Romance and Intrigue

The cover art to the novel 'The Arrow Chest' shows a woman with swirling laurel leaves in gold and a Tudor Rose-motif gate open either side The cover to the fin de Siecle novel 'The Hours Before' shows a Bell-epoque-era woman with hat. An art nouveau-style clock with reversed dial in background

Two unique historical novels set in an age of sophistication and style

There are two stories that take place in this exciting period.

The action in the novel The Hours Before alternates between various European cites including London and Vienna at the turn of the century, while in The Arrow Chest you will find a dark, fatally romantic story, very ‘British’ in character and enhanced by an intriguing time-slip quality that refers back to much earlier Tudor times.

a composite montage of various scenes from the era of the Belle Epoque, including fashion and design

Scenes, fashion and design from the era of the Belle Epoque

Favourite Poems

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