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Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages
Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages
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“This book captured me from the first sentence and I found it utterly fascinating. A fantastic read and a must have for any Tudor bookshelf.”

Sarah Bryson,

Anne Boleyn from Queen to History

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CreateSpace (first published April 25, 2009)

Current ISBN-10: 1499365047  Paperback: 492 pages

Also on Kindle - ASIN: B004DERHD2


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England 1550’s

The brilliant young mathematician and astronomer John Dee has one overwhelming obsession: liberty.

Abandoned and in danger, Elizabeth Tudor has one simple aim: survival.

This is their story.

Against the background of the English Reformation, and threatened by a vengeful and unforgiving Queen, the mysterious brotherhood of the Rose Lodge attempts to guide the nation towards enlightenment and stability. Here, the special alchemy of the Virgin and the Crab works its magic: growing from childhood friendship, through adolescent flirtation, to mutual respect and admiration as together they prepare to sacrifice everything for the world they wish to inherit.

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(Warning: contains spoilers)

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12 YEARS, 2 KINGS, 3 QUEENS - spectacular 16th-century drama and adventure

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