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Historical Fiction
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November 2017
Have now committed to the new novel and begun writing. (Always a big step when choosing which of the several projects to go for and see through to completion.) A comedy this time - very different, therefore, to the last one. Time period: Elizabethan.
Have moved my blog, Endymion, to a subfolder of my website. This was hitherto a non-listed blog (not available to search engines) but it is now public and free to all. You can find it HERE
October 2017. The new website is now up and running (you are looking at it now) with what web geeks call a 'responsive design.' This means that it should look good not only on desktop screens, but also on tablet and smartphones.
19th Feb 2017. Win a copy of The Arrow Chest over on Goodreads. Ends March 13th
15th Jan 2016. Introducing a special video compilation of Holbein’s Tudor drawings on my blog Endymion.
3rd Nov 2016 - Win a copy of The Testament of Sophie Dawes on Goodreads - closed Nov 27th.
1st Nov 2016. Latest blogpost Celebrating Keats’s birthday on Halloween
6th October 2016 win a copy of ‘Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and the Men who Loved Her’ over on Goodreads. NOW CLOSED

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