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Historical Fiction
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Tudor and Elizabethan Biographical Fiction
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Stories set in Tudor and Elizabethan times have never been more popular - and with so many bold, larger-than-life characters available, it’s easy to understand why. The love of adventure; the passion for invention; the irrepressible self-confidence among those living in that extraordinary era really is without rival.
If you enjoy reading about England’s Tudor dynasty, and in particular the life and times of Elizabeth I, here are two books set in the unique and turbulent era of the ‘Virgin Queen.’ The first is a full-length adventure novel, the other a fictional 'memoir' (a special blend of fact and fantasy).
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Novels Featuring Elizabeth I, England’s legendary Virgin Queen

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Available in paperback and eBook. Just click on the covers to explore.


For a guest post with book blogger Michelle Miller on Tudor fiction, click here. (External link opens in a new window)
Biographical fiction of this kind is also a great way to learn about real history.
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