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If you would like to support this blog, it’s really simple:
Buy one of the author's books. Look what happens when you do ...

1) The royalties from sales will help feed the author and keep him working.
2) Everyone will have even more blog posts to read in the future.
3) You'll still have a book.

Sounds like a good idea?

Here are the books ...

WILDISH - an epic Georgian-era Romantic comedy.

book cover shows georgian-era couple against nocturnal sky with fireworks

THE ARROW CHEST - a Pre-Raphaelite-inspired novel.

ELIZABETH - a fictional Elizabethan Memoir.

THE TESTAMENT OF SOPHIE DAWES - Victorian Gothic in the form of a diary and letters.

THE HOURS BEFORE - a sophisticated Belle Epoque Thriller.

VIRGIN AND THE CRAB - an epic Tudor adventure.