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Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages
Home Belle Époque Georgian & Victorian Tudor & Elizabethan About Other Pages

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England 1745.

Poet and Master Wig-Maker to the great and the good of London society, Wildish is a man whose ambition is to enjoy life to the full. Yet already events beyond his control have begun to impinge upon his dissolute life. The heart of the nation is beating to the drums of war, and thousands of vengeful Jacobite soldiers from Scotland and France are about to converge upon the capital.

There is also the presence of Johanna: mysterious, enigmatic and vulnerable, a woman unlike any other he has ever known, and the inconvenient and yet increasingly agreeable sensation that he might be falling in love for the very first time.

A magical journey into the outrageous, libidinous world of Georgian England where reality and fantasy, romance and the occult combine in a comedy of epic intensity and poetic beauty.

The English romantic comedy novel WILDISH, set in Georgian London

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The music of Handel features throughout the novel. A playlist of those pieces can be found here on YouTube.

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Epic 18th-century romance full of fun, adult humour and adventure

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(Warning: contains spoilers)

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“Wildish is a big novel that goes by in a heartbeat … filled with lust, bravery, honour, hope and as many different kinds of love as there are colours in the rainbow.”

Kirsty Stonell Walker, author and biographer

“If you’re looking for an involved, yet humorous read, with a bit of adventure and eccentricity mixed in, this novel will satisfy. I really enjoyed it!”

Arleigh Johnson, historical-fiction.com

“Perfectly balanced with intrigue, humor, excitement and mystery … a personal quest for discovering love, not just any love, but love that transcends reality.”

Charla Wilson, Book Talk with Charla

“The story covers friendship, sex, the love one has for one’s country, family love and true love … Would I recommend it? Yes indeed!”

Claire Ridgway, history blogger and author

“With witty repartee, delicious and sumptuous characters, vivid and palpable surroundings. Parry conquers and rocks this style of writing, with no other coming close to his ability to extract and communicate to readers, a world very unlike our own, so absolutely flawlessly. Epic.”

Claudia Robinson, Luxury Reading

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CreateSpace, first published April 10, 2013

Current ISBN-10: 1499347359  Paperback: 598 pages en-gb

eBook available on Kindle, Nook and iTunes

Latest Goodreads star rating: 4.29 out of 5

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